Performing Arts Honours Program 2018/2019

*2017-2018 school year, Mowat will be offering a limited number of spots for out-of-area Mowat students who are successful in their audition.


We are offering students an opportunity to audition for placement in the Performing Arts Honours Program at Mowat for September 2017. Students will graduate with a Performing Arts Honours Certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Out of area students applying for grade 9 entry can audition for our Performing Arts Honours Program.  If accepted, students can attend Sir Oliver Mowat C.I. starting in September 2017.

The program is available to students in two areas of concentration: Music* and Drama. Interested students will be required to audition. These auditions will be held mid to late January 2017.

Incoming Grade nine students selected for the Performing Arts Honours Program would choose one of the following performing arts courses:

*Music Majors- Choose one of the following:

1. AMI 1O1 (Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon/Saxophone/Trumpet/French Horn/Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba) 2. AMS 1O1 (Violin/Viola/Cello/String Bass) or 3. AMV 1O2 (Choral).  In addition, they will choose AMU 1O3 (Enriched Music). 

Drama Majors- Choose ADA 1O1 (Drama). In addition, they will choose ADD 1O3 (Dramatic Arts-Production)

These two courses along with their six compulsory grade nine credits will complete their timetable. (Students taking AMV 1O2, which is outside the timetable, will need to take an extra elective credit.)

Certification Requirements

In addition to the compulsory credits required for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, students must take the following course load over a four-year period along with a leadership component in their grade 12 performing arts course.  *Please note that the chart below is for the current 2016-2017 school year, and the structure will change for 2017-2018 due to our school changing to a semestered system.

Who should take this course?
  • Any student who has an interest in Music and Drama and has shown an aptitude for the Performing Arts. 
  • Any student that would like to pursue an in-depth Performing Arts Honours Program for the duration of their time at Mowat. 
  • Any student who plans on pursuing Performing Arts at Post Secondary.
  • Students who want to augment their traditional drama or music course with an enriched course.
Does this limit what other electives the student can take?
In grade nine, the student will only be taking music or drama as their two electives. Vocal students can take an extra elective because the grade nine vocal class is outside the timetable. In grades ten, eleven and twelve there is ample room to explore all the other available subjects.
Does this course steer students towards a career in the Arts?
Students will graduate with an honours certificate in the Performing Arts. They will have an excellent background should they decide to pursue the arts at the post-secondary level. This is not, however the primary goal of the program. Many universities consider a strong background in arts as an advantage in all fields from engineering to medicine. Students will be developing leadership and cooperative learning skills that will help them in all areas.
What will the AMU 1O3 course look like?
The band, string, and vocal students will be together in the same class. They will take a more detailed study of music exploring topics such as: chamber music, solo performance, orchestral repertoire, theory and history, composition, conducting, performance parameters, production, copyright law, and the music business.
What will the ADD 103 course look like?
The course is a practical approach for students interested in theatre performance and production.  They will be exposed to both acting and production roles, through a collaborative process that involves the application of learning. This course will also offer enrichment opportunities with theatre professionals from a variety of backgrounds.